Principal Investigator

Jean-Luc Schwartz

1958 Born in Nancy
1981 PhD in Psychoacoustics and Auditory Modelling, INP Grenoble
2003-2007 Director of the Speech Communication Institute, Grenoble (now within GIPSA-Lab,
2009-2012 Director of the “Health, Cognition and Environment Engineering Doctoral School » (EDISCE,
2009 Creation of the « Pole Grenoble Cognition », coordinating research on cognitive science in Grenoble (

Research topics

Perceptual processing, perceptuo-motor interactions, audiovisual speech perception, phonetic bases of phonological systems and the emergence of language. This involves cognitive psychology (publications in Cognition, Perception & Psychophysics, Behavioral & Brain Sciences, Hearing Research), neurosciences (publications in Neuroimage or Human Brain Mapping), signal processing and computational modelling (publications in IEEE Trans. Speech and Audio Processing, JASA, Computer Speech and Language, Language and Cognitive Processes), and phonetics in relation with phonology (publications in Journal of Phonetics or Phonology Laboratory).


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